Health IT

Health Information Technology

Providing and serving thousands of Medical WOW’s ( Workstation on Wheels ) and Wall Workstations across U.A.E. hospitals

Improved Patient Care via Americana’s Dedicated Health IT Solutions team

Healthcare is now evolving in more rapid pace than ever. Real-time patient information via use of electronic medical records is the norm of the day. As healthcare is evolving, you need to keep pace with the technology to evolve with it.

At Americana, our Healthcare IT specialists will assist you at every stage — from planning, budgeting and implementation, all the way to improving patient care. Our dedicated healthcare IT team offers the expertise to help you find the best hardware, software and Cloud solutions, and get the IT support you need to ensure your technology is running efficiently and effectively.

While doing all of this we will ensure that all your patient records are kept secure with many additional physical and cybersecurity services offered along with data protection including Disaster Recovery. We can deploy innovative devices and equipment that enable your care providers to easily access, capture and share vital patient information — so they can provide timely, accurate treatment. And, we can help you improve the patient experience with interactive technology that gives patients a more engaging visit — from check-in to recovery.

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