Americana Computer Systems


Americana Manpower Solutions provide customized workforce management services which are designed specifically to mitigate the challenges of an ever-changing business environment while reducing costs, increased efficiency, and injecting high-performance resources that enhance organizational productivity, thus maximizing profitability.

Americana Computer Systems


Americana offers a variety of exciting opportunities and customized talent acquisition solutions to suit our global locations, matching the skills and experience of talented resources to our clients' vacancies and project roles no matter where they are located. Being a market specialist for over two decades, we provide diverse range of talent solutions to our global clientele across several industries.

Americana Computer Systems


  • Our Approach. Americana’s talent management solutions are designed in a way that helps our clients in tapping into high quality resources faster while keeping costs at the minimum.
    Our solutions help you significantly reduce your time-to-hire by 40 percent, resulting in reduction of your organization's lost productivity around open vacancies.
  • Quality of Hire. Various international studies continually have shown that high quality hires improve productivity for organizations. That is why, we lay focus on delivering high quality of hires that deliver more and for longer period. Our work-class assessment centers measure candidate quality, both technically as well as personally, to help you make more informed hiring decisions.
    Manage Fewer Suppliers. Our tailor-made hiring solutions help you optimize your recruitment panel to improve hiring, helping you drive quality, efficiency, and reducing cost.
  • Enhanced Sourcing Channels. One of many benefits of outsourcing recruitment to Americana is that our clients can leverage formerly untapped sourcing channels to access additional candidates with our meticulous headhunting and sourcing expertise.
  • Scalability. Improve scalability to respond to your organization’s changing needs. Our solutions allow your organization to flex talent acquisition headcount up and down as hiring needs change.
  • Transparency. Gain transparency through reporting. Measure and track performance through regular reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Access expertise. Having Americana's experienced talent acquisition specialists as an extension of your team provides accessibility to both active and passive candidate sources and reduces time to engage those candidates.